Apprenticeship Policy


We will continue to promote apprenticeships to disabled people and/or those with special educational needs and ensure that trained staff support them.

We will enter into appropriate subcontracting arrangements for apprenticeships that meet the skills needs of a region or national industry. We will closely monitor the quality of this.

During the interview we will discuss off-the-job training to ensure that all candidates are aware of expectations. On-the-job training will be discussed to ensure that potential customers will be made aware of expectations while working and what support is available, so they develop the necessary skills.

After the interview stage potential candidates will be made aware of their success within 10 working days.

Resources will be in place to support successful candidates whilst they undertake any work and develop increasingly complex skills that lead towards the advanced – and higher – level skills needed by not only ourselves, but future employees.

Sufficient off-the-job training for apprentices to develop and practice substantive new skills that prepare them for long-term employment in their industry.

We will ensure that candidates have access to the teaching expertise and resources to help develop their knowledge and skills in English and mathematics needed for their jobs and careers.

We will monitor the apprentices, initially on a weekly basis to monitor their progress. As their competencies increase this will then be reviewed bi-weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We will map their progress and on-going learning and will put performance plans in to place if the apprentices do not show on-going improvement both off-the-job and on-the-job.

Name and Title: Reece Charsville - Director.