Wavetick: A Modern Music Marketplace

Empowering creators, revolutionising the music industry.

Wavetick: A Modern Music Marketplace

Project Overview

Wavetick is a revolutionary platform designed to empower beatmakers and music users, creating a fair and flexible ecosystem for all.

In collaboration with renowned music producer Sharooz Raoofi, Forward Digital aimed to modernise the music publishing industry and reshape the creator economy.

our work with Sharooz and the Wavetick teamour work with Sharooz and the Wavetick teamour work with Sharooz and the Wavetick teamour work with Sharooz and the Wavetick teamour work with Sharooz and the Wavetick teamour work with Sharooz and the Wavetick teamour work with Sharooz and the Wavetick teamour work with Sharooz and the Wavetick team


The traditional music publishing and licensing business models impose complex restrictions with opaque pricing and poorly defined rights ownership.

Beatmakers had limited opportunities to directly sell to music users, and the potential benefits of direct ownership were not fully materialised.


We created Wavetick, an innovative platform that combines a copyright-free music publisher, beatmaker storefront, and curated sample library.

By designing a two-sided marketplace, we allowed Beatmakers to sell their works and Music Users to create unique works without limits, providing clear terms and proper remuneration.

Our Approach

Initial Assessment & Design

Our team worked closely with Sharooz Raoofi to understand the challenges within the music industry.

We designed an intuitive platform with user-friendly interface that allows for seamless interactions between beatmakers and music users.

Collaboration & Partnership

We worked closely with Sharooz Raoofi to ensure the platform was designed to meet the needs of beatmakers and music users.

The higlhy bespoke payment integration took many hours of collaboration and development to ensure it was seamless and secure.

We would frequently head to Sharooz’s studio to test the platform and get feedback from him and his team.

Development & Implementation

Utilising cutting-edge technologies, we built a robust platform that combined the elements of a music publisher, marketplace and sample library.

We ensured the platform was scalable, allowing for future growth and expansion as the user base grows.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

We continue to provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring the platform is always up-to-date and running smoothly.

We also provide ongoing consultation and advice, helping to guide the platform’s future development.

Results and Impact

A Modern Music Marketplace

Increased Opportunities for Beatmakers

Wavetick provided beatmakers with a new avenue for direct sales, enabling them to benefit from the growing creator economy.

Transformed Music Licensing

The platform revolutionised the traditional licensing model, providing clear, flexible terms for users, and securing fair remuneration for creators.

Robust & Scalable Platform

Wavetick was built to scale, accommodating the rapid growth of the creator economy and meeting the evolving needs of its user base.

What our client had to say


Having reviewed and spoken to many agencies, Forward Digital just understood our PRD right from the outset. They gave us a very useful amount of insight into how exactly they could engineer the end product, and gave us confidence from start to finish that they were really the right folks for this job. They delivered incredibly quickly.

Sharooz CEO at Wavetick

Tools & Technologies

Built using:

React, Next.js, Node.js, Nest.js, Vercel, AWS, S3, PayPal

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