scale - fishing challenges

Revolutionising the Fishing Scene

A Beautifully Thoughtful App: Designed by a UX Designer, Developed by Forward Digital

Revolutionising the Fishing Scene

Project Overview

scale aims to revolutionise the fishing experience, making it more engaging and competitive.

Forward Digital's solution was a Dad-proof app, featuring a live leaderboard, easy-access photo viewer, and comprehensive catch history.

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Before scale, fishing enthusiasts lacked a user-friendly platform to easily compete, share catches in real-time, and experience the thrill of friendly competition as and when they happened.


Forward Digital developed a user-friendly app with an intuitive live leaderboard, push notifications for competitors catches and an integrated photo viewer

The app was designed to be "Dad-proof," ensuring effortless navigation and engagement.

Our Approach

Pixel-Perfect Precision

Forward Digital prioritized meticulous attention to detail during the app's development, ensuring every aspect aligned with the designs.

This approach guaranteed a seamless and user-centric fishing experience.

Seamless Communication

Frequent and open communication with the scale team allowed for continuous refinement, keeping the project on track and aligned with the client's vision.

This collaborative approach fostered a strong partnership for success.

Embracing the Vision

Understanding the client's vision and objectives was paramount.

Working closely with the client, we gained insights into their target audience and competition, shaping an app that captured the excitement and thrill of fishing competition.

Results and Impact

Seamless Fishing Experience

Streamlined Bragging Rights

The app provided a unified platform for anglers to share their accomplishments and compete for fun in real time.

Effortless Catch Tracking

Users could easily note their largest catches, keeping their fishing history well-organized.

Enhanced Photo Management

With a tap away photo viewer, users could relive their fishing memories in one place.

What our client had to say


Harry and Reece were professional, practical and responsive during the entirety of the project, which included planning, development and QA. I especially liked their candidness, promptness, and their focus on collaboration.

Alex Owner of scale

Tools & Technologies

Built using:

React Native, Expo, TypeScript, Nest.js, MongoDb,

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