Carbon Footprint Policy Statement


It is the stated policy of Forward Digital to reduce its environment impact wherever practical. Carbon reducing measures form an integral part of Forward Digital overall strategy, helping to improve both operational performance and a reduction in potentially harmful emissions to land, water, and air.

Forward Digital current medium-term plan is to work towards a realistic yet challenging target to reduce its carbon footprint to 0% within 4 – 5 years.

To help achieve our carbon footprint, Forward Digital will:

Comply with all current energy legislation, seeking to meet or better legislative targets

  • Minimise waste, promote recycling and the use of recycled products to help reduce the burden of landfill and therefore methane generation.
  • Promote environmental awareness and responsibility amongst employees, partners, contractors and service users in projects in which Forward Digital is involved and will seek, where practicable, to continuously improve environmental performance.
  • Evaluate and where possible adopt means of reducing travelling including ideas such as video conferencing.
  • Evaluate the potential benefits of home working.
  • Evaluate the potential benefits of carbon offsetting such as tree planting on land owned by Forward Digital.
  • Encourage staff of Forward Digital to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Expect partners and suppliers to have credible, measurable carbon footprint policies.

Actions taken to date include:

  • Upgrading of our offices / warehouse to the best practical standards of insulation.

  • Installation of energy efficient and therefore carbon reducing equipment throughout our offices.

  • The supplying of the most up-to-date energy efficient appliances.

  • The refitting of our offices with energy efficient lighting systems.

  • The refitting, where possible, of water saving devices.

  • The use of public transport wherever practical.

Name and Title: Harry Bendix-Lewis - Director.