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A beautifully thoughtful app. Designed by a UX designer, developed by Forward Digital.

the problem

Disjointed bragging rights; notes to keep track of your largest catch; photos scattered across your reel.

the solution

A Dad-proof app; live leaderboard; photo-viewer a tap away; history.


Create or join a game

Tweak the settings to your hearts desire, invite your friends and get ready to play!

Create a game

Add fish to your bag

Don't forget to upload a picture for the bragging rights.

Add fish

Receive live updates

Push notifications to keep you in the action.

Live updates

Stalk the leaderboard

The leaderboard updates in real-time, as it happens.

Stalk the leaderboard

Relive past games

All the games info, the leaderboard and all your photos in one place.

Relive past games
Alex, Owner of scale


Owner of scale

"Harry and Reece were professional, practical and responsive during the entirety of the project, which included planning, development and QA. I especially liked their candidness and promptness..."


Owner of scale

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