The Futz Butler

SONAL: Revolutionising Music Briefing

Empowering clients to articulate their creative needs seamlessly.

SONAL: Revolutionising Music Briefing

Project Overview

The Futz Butler is a collective of professional noisemakers, collaborating with filmmakers and brands to produce original music, sonic branding, and audio post-production.

With SONAL, they sought to revolutionise the music briefing process, making it easier for clients to express their creative needs without the need for musical jargon.

our work with The Futz Butler and the SONAL platformour work with The Futz Butler and the SONAL platformour work with The Futz Butler and the SONAL platformour work with The Futz Butler and the SONAL platformour work with The Futz Butler and the SONAL platform


Clients often struggle to communicate their musical and sound design needs effectively, leading to a hit-and-miss briefing process.

The traditional briefing methods rely heavily on pseudo-musical jargon and references to existing music, which limits creative potential and can result in miscommunication and delays.


We developed SONAL, an innovative software platform that facilitates a seamless and intuitive briefing process.

SONAL allows clients to communicate their creative and strategic needs in their own language, without the need for musical jargon.

Our Approach

Initial Assessment & Design

We collaborated closely with The Futz Butler to understand the unique challenges of music briefing.

Our team designed an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows for effortless interaction between clients and composers.

Development & Implementation

Using cutting-edge technologies, we built a robust platform that supports real-time video and audio conferencing, modular interaction elements, and seamless data input.

We ensured the platform is scalable and future-proof, accommodating various use cases from advertising to feature films.

Testing & Feedback

We conducted thorough testing with The Futz Butler’s team to refine the platform and ensure it meets the needs of both clients and composers.

Feedback sessions were held to iteratively improve the user experience and functionality of the software.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

We continue to provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring the platform remains up-to-date and operates smoothly.

We offer consultation and advice to guide future development and enhancements of the platform.

Results and Impact

Transforming Music Briefing

Enhanced Client Communication

SONAL provided clients with a user-friendly platform to communicate their creative needs effectively, reducing miscommunication and enhancing collaboration.

Streamlined Briefing Process

The platform simplified the briefing process, allowing for fewer rounds of revisions and quicker project turnaround times.

Increased Creative Potential

By eliminating the reliance on musical jargon and references, SONAL opened up more creative avenues and led to more inventive and aligned outcomes.

Tools & Technologies

Built using:

React, Next.js, Node.js, Nest.js, Vercel, AWS, S3, WebRTC

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