HP's Journey to Design Excellence and Innovation

How Forward Digital's Solutions Strengthened HP's Global Brand Presence and Accelerated Innovation

HP's Journey to Design Excellence and Innovation

Project Overview

Discover how Forward Digital played a pivotal role in streamlining HP's global brand communication, empowering both designers and developers with interactive tools, and propelling the company to new heights in the fiercely competitive tech market.

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HP needed a way to ensure a unified design system across its large global workforce of designers and developers. With so many people involved, achieving consistency and collaboration became a challenge. They sought a solution to streamline communication, share design principles effectively, and maintain a cohesive brand identity.


Forward Digital developed a user-friendly website as a centralized hub for their design system. Tailored pages for designers showcased interactive component previews, while developers received code snippets and a reusable Angular library for seamless integration. Frequent communication with HP ensured valuable solutions that elevated the brand's identity and competitiveness in the market.

Our Approach

Understanding the Diverse Workforce

We initiated the project by engaging in interviews and workshops with HP's global team, delving into the unique needs of designers and developers.

This in-depth understanding allowed us to tailor our solutions to cater to their specific requirements effectively.

Co-Creation and Collaboration

Throughout the project, we emphasized a collaborative approach, maintaining open channels of communication with HP's team.

By involving key stakeholders in decision-making and solution development, we ensured a sense of ownership and active participation in the project's progress.

Agile Iterations and Continuous Feedback

We embraced an agile methodology, encouraging iterative development and regular feedback loops with HP's team.

This allowed us to fine-tune our approach, address evolving needs, and swiftly adapt to any challenges that arose during the implementation process.

Results and Impact

Unifying Collaboration & Reinforcing Brand Identity at HP

Streamlined Collaboration

Our centralized platform facilitated seamless collaboration between designers and developers, ensuring a unified design approach across projects. It enhanced teamwork and efficiency.

Enhanced Efficiency

The delivery of a reusable Angular library expedited prototyping and integration, significantly boosting productivity within development teams. Rapid iterations became effortless.

Consistent Brand Identity

The user-friendly website ensured a cohesive brand image globally, reinforcing HP's recognition and consumer loyalty. The result was increased market impact and lasting customer connections.

What our client had to say


... Consistently delivered excellent quality code, quickly and efficiently and always going the extra mile to ensure we hit our deadlines and delivered a great product.

Ben Technology Director at Native Design

Tools & Technologies

Built using:

React, Next.js, Ionic, TypeScript, SCSS, Angular, Gatsby