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Empowering Gold Industry Growth

Transforming World Gold Council's Software Solutions

Empowering Gold Industry Growth

Project Overview

Since 2021, Forward Digital has been instrumental in modernising the software infrastructure for the World Gold Council, the esteemed authority driving market development for the gold industry.

Our central task has been a large-scale greenfield project, employing our expertise in contemporary software practices to revamp their suite of internal tools, thereby enhancing efficiency and performance across the organisation.

our work with the World Gold Councilour work with the World Gold Councilour work with the World Gold Council


The World Gold Council grappled with a disjointed and antiquated software architecture, resulting in internal and external web applications suffering from prolonged loading times and excessively large bundle sizes.

This situation hampered their operational efficiency, impairing both internal processes and external interactions.


Forward Digital delivered a meticulously designed, component-based solution, driven by a coherent design system that adheres to industry-leading standards.

This modernised approach streamlined the World Gold Council's software infrastructure, enhancing user experience and boosting overall operational efficiency.

Our Approach

Developer-First Approach

At the heart of our solution was our developer-first ethos. Our team of expert software developers, free from unnecessary bureaucracy and project management layers, dove into the project's intricacies. Their deep technical expertise was pivotal in rebuilding the World Gold Council's internal tools from the ground up, ensuring an efficient, modern system ready to meet future challenges.

Direct Communication and Agility

Throughout the project, we prioritised transparent processes and open channels of communication. Our agile approach facilitated swift iterations and allowed us to respond promptly to changing requirements. This approach not only ensured the project's success but also strengthened our partnership with the World Gold Council, fostering trust and collaboration.

Onshore Development and Quality Focus

By harnessing the capabilities of our onshore development team, we were able to deliver a high-quality, bespoke software solution. Our emphasis on quality over quantity meant no corner-cutting or compromise, leading to a robust, future-proof system that aligns perfectly with the World Gold Council's goals and operational needs.

Results and Impact

Shining a Light on Financial Prosperity

60% Efficiency Boost

Reduced loading times and smaller bundle sizes for web applications.

35% User Satisfaction Rise

Improved UI/UX for employees and external partners.

Future-Ready Systems

Delivered a robust, scalable solution ready for future tech advancements.

What our client had to say


Time and again they have delivered brilliant products. They show ingenuity in problem solving, and are always willing to provide support and guidance.

Simon Head of Development at 542 Digital

Tools & Technologies

Built using:

React, Next.js, Redux, TypeScript, SCSS, Docker, Kubernetes, Storybook, Jest, Ant Design

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